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    3D Ultra Short Throw Projector Model

    Product Brand: Panasonic
    Product Category:
    Product Model: PT-CW331REA

    • Images can be projected onto an 80-inch wide screen from a distance of only 0.60 m (1.97').*
    • High brightness of 3,100 lm* and high contrast ratio of up to 8,000:1 ensure bright and easy-to-see image projection.
    • The interactive function* lets you write or draw on a projected image with an interactive pen/pointer, and store the resulting text and figures in a computer. In addition, two users can write simultaneously, to make classes and presentations more effective.
    • 3D projection in limited space makes classes, seminars, events and exhibitions more impressive and effective, providing a wider range of uses.
    • The HDMI input terminal supports 3D, allowing to connect a 3D Blu-ray player to project Blu-ray 3D images
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